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Decor Swan Neck Bail Handle 3 1/2"cc (B-9B)
Price: $12.25
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Polished Brass
Antique Brass Finish
Nickel Finish
Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Decor Swan Neck Bail Handle 3 1/2

B-9B Swan Neck Bail in Polished Unlacquered Brass

B-DK9B Swan Neck Bail in Antique Brass Finish

B-N9B Swan Neck Bail Nickel Plated

B-OB9B Swan Neck Bail in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Period style "decor swan neck" bails with turned posts (8/32 thread).

These bails use 1 3/16" washers, and have a 3 1/2" boring. Precision cast -not sand cast, for clean lines and top strength.




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