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5" x 5" Pair of Eastlake Door Hinges In Choice of Finish (H-115)
Price: $145.00
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Polished Unlacquered Brass
Antique Brass Finish
Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

H-115  Polished Unlacquered Brass Pair of 5" x 5" Eastlake Door Hinges

H-DK115  Antique Brass Finish Pair of 5" x 5" Eastlake Door Hinges

H-OB115  Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Pair of 5" x 5" Eastlake Door Hinges

5" x 5" pair of brass hinges, with incised designs of the Eastlake "Lilly" pattern that was so popular at the turn of the century - if you could afford the best.  We have even reproduced the non-standard hole pattern which was common in circa 1880 hinges.


  • Leaf Size:  5" tall x 2 ¼" wide.
  • Leaf Thickness:  18" thick.
  • Barrel:  ½" diameter.
  • Finial:   1 ¼" tall x ¾" diameter at the widest point.

Each hinge is supplied complete as illustrated, with a removable steel pin and solid brass screws.

These hinges have been precision pressure cast into special alloy steel molds, then milled and drilled to their final shape.  Pressure casting allows the detail to remain sharp, and the brass to approach the strength of "forged" materials.

Sold and priced by the pair.


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