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Thumblatch & Doorknob Combination Function Mortise Entry Door Lock with 2 1/2" Backset (L-9SP/SL)
Price: $195.00
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Polished Brass
Antique Brass Finish
Nickel Finish
Lock Cylinders:
L-9CC, 1" in Polished Brass ($45)
L-DK9CC, 1" in Antique Brass Finish ($45)
L-OB9CC, 1" in Oil Rubbed Bronze ($45)
L-N9CC, 1" in Nickel Plated Finish ($49.50)
L-9C4, 1 1/4" in Polished Brass ($45)
L-DK9C4, 1 1/4" in Antique Brass Finish ($45)
L-N9C4, 1 1/4" in Nickel Plated ($49.50)
L-150S, 1 1/2" in Polished Brass ($45)
L-DK150S, 1 1/2" in Antique Brass Finish ($45)
L-175S, 1 3/4" in Polished Brass ($99)
L-DK175S, 1 3/4" in Antique Brass Finish ($99)
No Cylinder
Set Door Handing:
Left Hand
Right Hand
Thumblatch & Doorknob Combination Function Mortise Entry Door Lock with 2 1/2

L-9SP/SL  Single Thumblatch & Doorknob Lock 2 1/2" Backset in Polished Unlacquered Brass

L-DK9SP/SL  Single Thumblatch Lock 2 1/2" Backset in Antique Brass Finish

L-N9SP/SL  Single Thumblatch Lock 2 1/2" Backset Nickel Plated

This lock is used when you want to use a THUMB LATCH on the outside of the door with a DOORKNOB on the inside of the door.

Your choice of finish: polished, unlacquered brass, antique finish brass, or nickel-plated for a chrome tone.

Please note lock cylinder (pictured) and lock spindle are sold separately.  See our Lock Cylinder Size Chart to select the correct cylinder length for your door.  Our cylinder part numbers are: L-9CC (1"), L-9C4 (1 1/4"), L-150S (1 1/2"), and L-175S (1 3/4").

We offer a beautiful turn latch cylinder L-7500 for the inside of your entry door.  The turnlatch comes in various lengths to work on any size door.

The distance between the thumb latch shaft top and center of the lock cylinders is 4 3/4."

Cylinders are 1" long and standard 1.156" (15/32") diameter.

Lock body: 5 1/2" tall by 3 5/8" deep. 13/16" thickness.

Lock face is 1" wide by 7 1/2" long.

Center of the lock cylinder to the center of the door knob spindle hole is 3 3/4".

Backset: 2 1/2" including the thickness of the face plate.

Distance from the center of the bolt throw hole to the center of the door knob spindle hole is 2 1/2".

Catch plate is 4 7/8" long by 1 7/8".

If you have a double door, or would just like the extra bolt functionality on your single entry door, we suggest using the following popular door bolts:




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