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Victorian Recreated Rare Grape Motif Door Knob Circa 1870 (ZE-38)
Price: $175.50
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Victorian Recreated Rare Grape Motif Door Knob Circa 1870 (ZE-38)

ZE-38 Doorknob Reproduction Rare Grape Motif Door Knob Circa 1870

For those that believe that the divine is in the details, center grapes and leaves design doorknob by MCCC/R&E. Design Patent 4131 by JJC Smith June 7, 1870.It is 2 3/8" in diameter, and projects 2 1/8".

This is a very scarce and hard to find knob among antique collectors, and we were extremely pleased to get a pristine sample. Wouldn't this be a fantastic entry knob to your wine cellar? For the wine connoisseur, we also make a grape motif door knocker .

This doorknob is sold by each. For a set, order two doorknobs plus a doorknob shaft . For extra thick doors, you may purchase an extra long square doorknob shaft spindle, which may be trimmed as needed.

We offer an extensive selection of Victorian doorknob roses and doorknob backplates in many styles to suit this doorknob. Our favorite choice with this doorknob would be an R.E. backplate, or Sargeant's Antwerp door plate .

How far from the edge of the door is the center of your doorknob? Thisis the backset, and determines which latch or mortise lock you use. Fora 2 3/8" backset, we offer a tubular latch , and a privacy tubular deadbolt latch option. Very narrow panel doors or doors with lots of glass may need a 1 3/8" backset passage latch .

If you prefer a full mortise lock with key function and mortise lock with privacy turnlatch function , we have 1 3/4", 2 1/4" or 2 5/8" backset. If you also need a turnlatch knob, we have an oval knob turnlatch , and the popular crescent shape turnlatch.

We also make a lovely Windsor door>platewiththe turnlatch included. 

Some of our most popular rosettes for use with this knob are:




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