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Highly Detailed Doorknob Rose (ZLW-141R)
Price: $32.50
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Polished Unlacquered Brass
Antique Brass Finish
Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Highly Detailed Doorknob Rose (ZLW-141R)

ZLW-141R  Polished Unlacquered Brass Vintage Style Doorknob Rose {PICTURED}

ZLW-DK141R  Antique Brass Finish Vintage Style Doorknob Rose

ZLW-OB141R  Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Vintage Style Doorknob Rose

Lost Wax cast rose has exquisite details.  Beautiful "mosque"-like points alternate with floral motifs.  Very 1920's!  Just a little jewel that won't go unnoticed.  Tiny dots fill in the background.


  • Diameter:  2 1/8" overall.

Unlacquered brass will age beautifully over time, or choose one of our hand-finished "antique" patinas.