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Art Deco Wall Lights Sconces Slip Shade Lincoln Two In One Series (791-RBX-NES)
Price: $345.00


Nickel with Frosted Glass Shade
Nickel with Amber Glass Shade
Nickel with Painted Glass Shade
Oil Rubbed Bronze with Frosted Glass Shade
Oil Rubbed Bronze with Amber Glass Shade
Oil Rubbed Bronze with Painted Glass Shade

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791-RBX-NES  Art Deco Reproduction Lincoln “Two in One” Slip Shade Wall Sconce

Slip Shade Reproductions of the Lincoln “Two in One” Slip Shade line of 1930, also called the Lincoln Root Beer light, named for the delightful design on the painted shade.  More formally, the Lincoln Series 9000 line of Art Deco light fixtures in the 1930's was called the “Two-in-One” line.  

While there were a couple of stem options for the 9000 Series, using this shade open end up, or open end down, gave it the "Two in One" title by Lincoln for its flexibility.  We offer this shade in frosted glass, amber tinted glass, or painted.  Use the drop down menu to select the shade color:

791-RB1-NES  Nickel finish with Frosted Glass Shade (Pictured)

791-RB2-NES Nickel finish with Amber Glass Shade

791-RB3-NES Nickel finish with Painted Glass Shade


791-RB1-OB  Oil Rubbed Bronze finish with Frosted Glass Shade


Oil Rubbed Bronze

 finish with Amber Glass Shade


Oil Rubbed Bronze

 finish with Painted Glass Shade


The painted shades are a design over a deeply molded surface.  Since the shade was made in batches, colors from each "run" could, and did, vary.  Add to that the changes from age, light exposure, and repeated washings, and it’s unlikely that our quality reproductions Two in One Slip Shades will exactly match your antique shades.  However, it might be the best available substitution in existence for antique fixtures of the 9000 Series.

There is no known 6-light chandelier in this line (that is, a chandelier with a bottom shade).  Lincoln Mfg also made a companion line called "Oriental Reversible" which used a shade with an almost identical hanging method.

The socket can handle up to a 100 watt incandescent bulb, or purchase our optional LED Art Deco looking bulb  60-WW-E26, using only 7 watts and putting out about 75 watts of incandescent equivalent light.  Makes running the sconce all night long, perhaps as a nite lite, very economical indeed and cool to the shade as well.

Backplate measures 11" tall by 4 1/4" wide.

Projects 5 3/4" with shade in place.

Don't miss the other fine reproductions in this series:  the Two in One Pendant, and the Two in One Three-Light Chandelier, and the 5-Light Chandelier.

Up to 100 watts incandescent.





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