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SMD LED Festoon Bulb (6BS-WW)
Price: $14.95
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Festoon Bulb
Festoon Socket/Holder
SMD LED Festoon Bulb (6BS-WW)

The term SMD refers to an advanced LED module which does not have the typical glass bubble that we have become familar with.  SMD is an updated technology. 

6BS-WW  Festoon SMD LED Light Bulb 

This 42 mm festoon SMD LED bulb is "warm white" (not glary blue/white light) yielding 84 lumens.

  • 10-30VDC.
  • Above the standard 18 watt incandescent.

6BS-HOLD  Festoon Bulb "Holder" or "Socket"

Use in glove compartments, overheads, trunks, cabins...and great for boats.


L.E.D. light bulbs are like mini computers. Whether you are using LEDs in a lamp, wall sconce, or ceiling light, the procedure is the same. To keep your investment in LEDs "Healthy", you should always first make sure your sockets are in good condition. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Light bulbs cannot be returned or exchanged.