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Antique Lincoln MFG Slip Shade Chandelier c1935 (ANT-177)
Price: $2,800.00

Out of stock.
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Out of stock.
Call for availability.

Antique Lincoln MFG Slip Shade Chandelier c1935 (ANT-177)
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ANT-177  Antique Lincoln MFG Slip Shade Chandelier c1935

The most over-used word in the antique trade is the word “rare”.  

It is so over used for common things that when an authentic rare item really does come along,  the word tends to lose its punch. Speaking as the curator of the worlds only Art Deco American Lighting museum, ( perhaps it will have a bit more validity than when used off-handedly by a normal antique dealer.

So now,  “I” want to use the word “rare”.  

One of the brightest stars in our lighting museum is a chandelier similar to this Nickel Plated Chandelier but with a slightly different finish. We were lucky enough to have this 2nd one donated to the museum to help us raise funds for expansion.

Well,  in 42 years of collecting for the museum, we have purchased every single entity found and we only have three examples shown in the museum  (a five light like this one, a three light and a sconce).

Since it is not in any catalog or reference book that we have in our library,  it needs to be attributed by the elements of its design & construction.

We, probably better than most all, are most able to do this.

We firmly believe that this chandelier was made by  Lincoln Manufacturing Co. because it came complete with a "known" canopy that Lincoln used on another lighting series.  Lincoln Mnf Co was ONE of the biggest makers of slip shade lighting in America and even sold to Sears.  We also “know” Lincoln design motifs and their castings quite well having handled hundreds of their various products. And, with this example, a well known Lincoln canopy.

The shades are just so fantastic. Heavy translucent amber glass with deep reliefs.   They made this shade in both the custard glass and this amber glass.  The shade can be mounted either upwards, or downwards as you prefer. Lincoln was about the only company that made shades to do this. 

The bottom of this fixture does have Mica panels installed.  When the lights are alight,  the Mica does glow a bit making a nice warm appearance.

Measurements & Wiring:   Totally re-wired with new sockets and wire.  Ready to hang and we will supply all the necessary parts to do so easily.  It is      ” tall.  That large stem decoration really adds to the height.  If a longer drop (height) is desired,  we can add a bit of extra chain.  It has an 18” diameter.

 With fewer chain links, it can be shortened to 31". If we remove the art deco decoration in the chain, it can be as short as 24".

An excellent price for this RARE slip shade presentation chandelier attributed to Lincoln Mnf., Circa 1935.

Fully capable of 100 watt incandescent bulb each socket, or purchase our optional LED bulb to mazimize your energy savings.   Makes running this chandelier all night long, perhaps as a nite lite, very economical indeed and cool to the shades as well.