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Art Nouveau Victorian Lighting Semi Flush Chandeliers Close Ceiling Lights (337-CH-4L)
Price: $495.00
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Art Nouveau Victorian Lighting Semi Flush Chandeliers Close Ceiling Lights (337-CH-4L)

337-CH-4L  Victorian Art Nouveau 4 Arm Early Electric Short Chandelier Lighting Circa 1900

We found a lovely original early 1900s four light fixture which we really fell in love with.  So perfect for standard height ceiling bathrooms and bedrooms!

The only change we made was to modify the electric wireway to conform to UL code.  Otherwise, it's identical to the antique original sample in every way.

Made from zinc metal, which was one of the metals of choice of turn-of-the-century lighting.  This fixture could also be retro-painted by the customer in polychrome colors, which was another finish offered during this time period.


  • Height:  14" overall.
  • Spread:  15" width from shade tip to shade tip.
  • Fitter Size:  2 ¼"
  • Wattage:  The sockets will easily accept light bulbs up to 100 watts.

Fixture uses 2 ¼" fitter shades.  Shades are sold separately.  We picture 076G as a suggestion, but have many lovely 2¼" fitter shades from which to choose.  This fixture would also be a great platform to show off those antique Victorian shades you may have that are sitting in storage.  If you would like to order the fixture as it is pictured, we have included an option above to purchase it with the shades.


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