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Nice "Converted", Over a Bathroom Sink, Antique Fixture (ANT-1006)
Price: $435.00
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ANT-1006 Nice "Converted", Over a Bathroom Sink, Antique Fixture (Only 1 in Stock)

Of course, these fixtures were also used over desks & working counters etc.

This fixture has been converted from fluorescent to LED.  That wasteful old transformer has been tossed and a new 18” LED dimmable tube has been installed complete with an on & off switch. The LED tube produces MORE than 100 watt incandescent equivalent. And, if you wish to use the dimmable option, you will need a dimmable wall switch that is made for LED bulbs...NOT an incandescent dimmer.

We suggest our CL96-101 by Lutron, if you wish to use the dimmable function.

The metal case is mostly flat black but also contains a slight reddish tint to it...very slight.

The shades are a combo of amber with clear ribbed center which is patterned nicely for the 1920-30 period. There is a tiny bit of roughness...not visual...from years on use.

Measurements:  Maximum length with shade is 21” with an overall width of only 4”.  Projects from the wall:  4”.

These fixtures have been completely re-wired, in our UL shop and changed for that great LED dimmable tube. We DO stock that LED tube...stock number 18-D-55 but get one free with the light.  

These will come with all the mounting hardware. Being that they were once fluorescent, they have a separate internal sub-case that is mounted first to a standard electrical box. Then two screws fasten the main case to the sub-case. Strength since they originally were very heavy with that obsolete transformer.

These two fixtures will be sold the first customer has the choice of one or the pair. Not an easily found option since these glass shades just don’t normally survive.

These lights are ready to go and will be supplied with all the necessary mounting hardware as explained.

Price:  EACH complete fixture, with amber shade and complete with a free LED tube, as shown:  $ 435.00 each,  plus careful shipping.