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Mid-Century Modern Tiered Glass Chandelier CA Title 24 Light Fixture (ANT-423)
Price: $475.00
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Mid-Century Modern Tiered Glass Chandelier CA Title 24 Light Fixture (ANT-423)

ANT-423  Mid Century Modern Tiered Glass Ceiling Chandelier California Title 24 Approved Light Fixture

Here is a California approval UL lighting fixture originally from the mid 50’s, but now rehabbed to current UL and CA use standards.

These fascinating fixtures were often under-lit with one incandescent light bulb.  We have changed the original E26 incandescent socket to a GU10 fitting to comply with Title 24 for energy savings in California, which is now becoming a standard for rehab and new construction.  This fixture now proudly presents a 27 watt LED SMD bulb, giving about twice the light as the original did, but for nearly ¾’s less electricity.  Now that’s energy savings!

The light itself is a series of three circular graduated disks held in a staggered frame.  In between each layer, there is an acrylic spacer to allow light to illuminate each disk.  Quite a fascinating light with a glowing LED bulb.

You do receive the 27 watt bulb that is in the fixture, and replacements (when it finally burns out in thousands of hours) can be purchased from us.

This light style crosses many modes.  It can be Deco, or Mid-Century Modern, or even a bit of Arts & Crafts.


  • Height:  18"
  • Diameter:  22"

A UL label is attached.

Price:  $475.00 for the chandelier, complete with the 27 watt working bulb, plus shipping charges.