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Vintage Art Deco Style Chandeliers 1950s Mid Century Ceiling Lights (ANT-736)
Price: $1,250.00
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Vintage Art Deco Style Chandeliers 1950s Mid Century Ceiling Lights (ANT-736)

ANT-736  Art Deco 50s Era Acrylic Chandeliers from the Sabre Room

Art Deco 50s era acrylic chandeliers from the infamous Sabre Room in Hickory Hills, Illinois.

Fascinating Mid Century Modern/Art Deco acrylic chandeliers that have a fascinating history.  The Sabre Room of Hickory Hills was renowned for shows featuring Hollywood stars including Liberace, Johnny Carson, and Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra (1977) well as Elvis Presley and dozens of other well known performers.

Opened in 1949 by Arnold and Marie Muzzarelli, the 100,000-square-foot hall featured a turbaned genie wielding a giant sabre on its outdoor sign, and stained-glass sabre decorations indoors.  It became a Chicago area landmark.  It also played host to Bob Hope and Rudy Vallee, and featured its own fleet of dancers called The Sabrettes who gained some notoriety on their own.

Over the years, the hall (which could hold up to 2,500 guests) became a popular spot for weddings, quinceañeras, and New Year's Eve celebrations.  It closed May 29, 2016 and plans called for its demolition since it was sitting on 30 acres of prime real estate for development.

We originally purchased six of these fixtures, but five have since sold.  Now we have FOUR THREE TWO only ONE left of these chandeliers available that hung over the heads of many famous identities.


  • Height:  33"
    • Can be lengthened by special request.  Please contact us for a price quote.
  • Diameter:  24"

We have completely restored these 50s chandeliers to fine condition without ruining their look of age.  They were rewired to new UL standards in our UL lamp shop.  Each chandelier has 21 chandelier based sockets.  There are 9 sockets in the bottom bowl, with the remaining 12 sockets in the center stem section.

Comes complete with state-of-the-art LED bulbs.  And naturally, we stock these bulbs, too.

Price:  $1,250.00 each, plus shipping costs for these historic chandeliers.