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Antique Victorian Rococo 5 Arm Gas Chandelier 1840 Cornelius Gasolier (ANT-827)
Price: $8,950.00
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Antique Victorian Rococo 5 Arm Gas Chandelier 1840 Cornelius Gasolier (ANT-827)

ANT-827  Circa 1840 Cornelius 5 Light Gas Chandelier - Converted to Electricity

This fine original brass five-light chandelier in the Grape & Leaf pattern is attributed to Cornelius by gas keys and other design elements.  Chain elements were popular in the 1840s, and mostly faded out of fashion by the 1850s when allegorical chandeliers (figural elements) became more in style.

History:  Here is some history about Cornelius and Cornelius & Baker.  Cornelius & Baker, Manufacturers of Lamps, Chandeliers, Gas Fixtures, et cetera.  Columbia Avenue & Fifth Street, Philadelphia was the main factory location (as illustrated).  Christian Cornelius, a Dutch immigrant silversmith, founded his lighting business in 1827, which became Cornelius, Baker, and Company in 1835.  By the 1850s, it operated the factory (illustrated).  They also had another location on Cherry Street, and a store at 176 Chestnut Street.  The firm initially made brass lighting fixtures, but later also made zinc fixtures and sculptures, some of which were installed in the United States Capitol.  The business was succeeded by Cornelius and Sons and Baker, Arnold and Company in 1869.

Description of the Cornelius Factory Print by William Rease:  William H. Rease, born in Pennsylvania circa 1818, was the most prolific lithographer of advertising prints in Philadelphia during the 1840s and 1850s.  This image shows the large Cornelius and Baker industrial building occupying most of the 500 block of Columbia Avenue.  Near one of the entries, a man holds a horse hitched to a sulky as an omnibus is about to round the corner.  In the foreground, passengers board the Germantown Road North Fifth Street omnibus, as a man on horseback approaches.

Measurements:  The chandelier is 37" diameter.  It hangs only 34" tall.  We realize that this height might be too short for high-ceiling Victorian we are offering to extend it with the true rococo tube (shown) to your desired height.

Finish:  Original...we cleaned it up with soap and water, and that is about it.

This fine chandelier has been wired for electricity, and is now ready to grace a home that demands an original antique fixture.

Making a decision about an 1840 chandelier for a home of a later date is really not that hard for originality.  What is not usually understood is that in early Victorian times, light fixtures were so expensive that they were considered furniture, and were not normally left with the house.  You packed them up and took them with you.  This is often the case when reading a Victorian Will, as well.  Some members might get the living room suite, while others got the lighting.  Therefore, inheriting an 1840 chandelier for your 1880 house was not out of place, and...if as nice as this one...definitely an upgrade from 1880-look fixtures.

Price:  $8,950.00 plus crating and shipping fees.  Price DOES include the five nicely hand cut shades, as shown on the original-sized 2 58" fitters.

Prices for original antique rococo chandeliers are all over the map.  Usually, dealers won't divulge their prices until you pick up the phone and commit to listening to a sales pitch.  What we know is that we do not have that elitist attitude.  Our price can be half of those other prices, but we feel a fair return is fair for all.