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Art Deco Slip Shade Sconces Set of 4 Antique Polychrome Wall Lights (ANT-886)
Price: $895.00
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Art Deco Slip Shade Sconces Set of 4 Antique Polychrome Wall Lights (ANT-886)

ANT-886  Set of Four Unusual Art Deco Polychrome Wall Sconces with Amber Slip Shades

Set of FOUR gorgeous patterned, Antique Original, Restored, Art Deco Wall Sconces Circa 1936.  Truly unusual Art Deco set of sconces.  Different from the normal slip shade sconces that were made during the 20s and 30s...these have far more scrolls and details, as well as the totally original multi-color polychrome finishes.  The finishes ARE original...and like any original sconces that have been placed in different areas of a home...the finishes do vary just a touch.  Not that much...but one or two must have been exposed to the sun, and have just a little less intense coloring.  But they are original finishes, and we are not going to change that.

The shades are NOT glass...but some kind of early plastic, which is in pretty good condition. keep it that way...we will be supplying low wattage LED bulbs that will generate very little heat to maintain this shade.  So...turn-key...
ready to install with proper precautions.

The frames are just a wonderful design with scrolls that remind you of the Paris Exposition of Art Decoratifs in 1925 when Edgar Brandt did all the iron work for this important expo.


  • Height:  13"
  • Width:  8 ½"
  • Projection:  3 ½" from the wall into the room, which also makes these antiques ADA compliant if that is of a concern.

Completely re wired to UL standards in our UL shop, with new medium base sockets and rotary switches identical to the old ones.

Price:  $895.00 for the set of FOUR sconces...complete with Amber shades and LED bulbs, as careful packaging & shipping.