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Antique Bare Bulb 18 Light Chandelier 1910s - 1930s Ceiling Fixture (ANT-579)
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ANT-579  American Brass 18 Light Outstanding 1920s Chandelier

Exceptional quality is definitely here.  The chandelier dates from circa 1910 to 1930.  It is arranged with 12 lights around the periphery, and SIX lights in the center.

This light is simply gorgeous, and gives an ambiance that is hard to find.  In addition to the gorgeous frame, the bottom panels have amber mica inserts which adds such a nice warm tone.


  • Height:  30" at present, but can be changed to longer to suit the application.
  • Width:  35" (measured from outside-bulb to outside-bulb)

We installed decorative round opal bulbs with a 4" diameter called G30, which are readily available from all electrical stores.  They are even available in LED form from Feit as a G25 dimmable LED bulb, if so inclined.  In the center are six medium based sockets.  Three sockets light the interior reticulated panel, while three are dedicated to the outside bottom rim.  We chose the G30 bulb with a nice opal finish for the outside rim, which outputs 40 watts each.  There are bulbs with higher wattages, but we thought 12 bulbs yielding 480 watts of lighting might be best for most applications.  Then, with the addition of the six inside bulbs with their indirect lighting, this total can be scaled upwards.

Showing a proper picture of a bare bulb fixture is difficult against a white background.  The light bulbs simply disappear.  We wanted to show that this light suits any color scheme you might choose, so we chose multiple colored backgrounds to display this fine light.  Hopefully, one of the backgrounds will come somewhat close to your eventual color scheme for an idea of contrast ability.

This fixture has been totally re-wired in our UL shop, and will have the UL label as such.  New sockets and wire were installed.  This simply gorgeous chandelier is true, fine, American craftsmanship.  It is complete, and comes with all the mounting hardware.  Ready for installation.

Price:  $3,500.00 plus careful crate packing and freight shipping.



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