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Antique Pendants Ceiling Lights Ca. 1910 - 1920 Schoolhouse Fixtures (ANT-608)
Price: $445.00
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Antique Pendants Ceiling Lights Ca. 1910 - 1920 Schoolhouse Fixtures (ANT-608)

ANT-608  Nice Single Amber Shade Ceiling Pendant Fixture Circa 1910-20+

We currently have two one of these antique pendant lights available.

Until recently, the original listing was for two of these beautiful pendant lights (sold as a pair).  We split them up for a special only one pendant light available.


  • Height:  26" (can be lengthened)
  • Width:  15"

The width of this light, of course, is for that monster shade.  Hard to find these big ones that have survived.  Very nice indeed.

The solid brass metal parts are antique finished.  Due to the age of these fixtures, the metal canopy and fitter are showing a bit of distress.  There are minor stress fractures here and there. They are not big...and not important...but need to be mentioned.  Almost all large brass work of this era often has these stress-related marks.  It's part of being an antique metal work.

Also note the amber hue on each shade differs.

These fixtures have been completely re-wired in our UL shop with a normal everyday socket.  Each socket is capable of accepting a 100 watt bulb and larger, but if larger is going to be used...we suggest drilling some air vent holes at the top of the fitter to release heat...unless...LED bulbs are used.  And there are some monster LED bulbs out there that will light this shade up to a glorious degree.

Our pictures were taken with a small wattage bulb.  We have to do this since the camera lens will wash-out the image with a more powerful...and normal-use...high wattage bulb.

This light is ready to go, and will be supplied with all the necessary mounting hardware.

Complete, Amber Shaded Ceiling Fixture:  $790.00 for the pair $445.00 for one pendant, plus careful shipping.