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Art Deco Bakelite Red Tube Handle 3" Boring (ZJ-137R)
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Art Deco Bakelite Red Tube Handle 3

ZJ-137R Bakelite Hardware Reproduction Art Deco Red Tube Handle 

This handle has a red, real Bakelite tubular center. We bought an antique Bakelite machine and experimented for three years before being able to bring you this top quality reproduction, as authentic as can be found on the market.

The diameter of the Bakelite tube is 1/2", and it is 2 1/4" long. The handle measures 4 1/4" x 1/2" overall, and it projects 1". The screw holes are 3" apart, from center to center.

The metal ends of the handle sets are die cast zinc.

Matches our knobs ZJ-147R . Both were often used together on a piece of furniture.

1/2" diameter handle, 4 1/4"W, projects 1"