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Art Deco Pair of Streamline Early Modern 30s Wall Sconces by Markel (ANT-551)
Price: $750.00
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Art Deco Pair of Streamline Early Modern 30s Wall Sconces by Markel (ANT-551)

ANT-551  Art Deco Pair of Wide Slip Shade Wall Sconces by Markel

A neat pair of Art Deco sconces made by Markel, Buffalo, NY in the mid 30s.  These are shown in their catalog of 1936, and are part of the 9900 group.  This sconce was stock numbered 9911.

Markel's catalog described this group as:  A Markel Presentation in Classic Modern Designing. Naturally, this was modern in the 1930s.  Now, totally classic!

Cast iron metal backplates with a pewter finish paired with lovely amber WIDE shades.  These are an unusual slip shade pair of sconces that gives a nice widespread lighting affect.


  • Height:  10 ¼" from the top of the shade to the bottom of the backplate.
  • Width:  8 ¼" (maximum)
  • Projection:  7 ¼"

These sconces have been completely re-wired in our UL shop with new sockets, and replacement rotary switches nearly identical to the original ones.  Sockets can easily handle up to 100 watts. However, if using incandescent light bulbs, we recommend no more than 60 - 65 watts to protect the antique glass from excessive heat.  Greater light output without excessive heat can be achieved with the use of LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs.

All mounting hardware will be supplied.

$750.00 for the pair of documented Markel UL re-wired sconces.  Shipping adds a bit extra.