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Art Deco Streamline LED Sconces 30" Large Energy Saving Wall Lighting (30-LRG-LED)
Price: $625.00


Wall Sconce Only
Wall Sconce w/ Dimmer Switch

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30-LRG-LED  30" Large Art Deco Streamline Tubular LED Sconce

From our popular 30-STL-NES sconce comes its big brother, 30-LRG-LED.  Made of polished white metal, authentic to the 1930's era when Art Deco lighting was commonly cast in white metal or aluminum.

Totally re-engineered, it is our copyrighted design for both energy efficiency and darn good looks.

Now the overall length is 30”.  This lighting source is a specially designed LED fixture using a 2 foot LED tube with T-8 holders.

This innovative wall fixture can be used with either a wall mounted dimmer switch, or regular On/Off light switch.  If your project requires use of a dimmer switch, we recommend using a Lutron CL LED dimmer.  For convenience, the dimmer switch can be ordered with this sconce by using the menu above.


  • Overall Height:  30” finial to finial.
  • Width:  The width of the center tube component is 2 ¼” diameter.
  • Backplate Footprint:  24" tall x 2" wide.  The circular portion measures 4” in diameter.
  • LED Wattage:  2' length LED tube uses 12 watts, yielding 1,350 lumens.

Yes, the tube is a “contrax” tube, which means it has deco scalloped lines for it’s design.  A very effective deco motif and very hard to get nowadays.

Sconce installation takes place before the glass tube or LED bulb are installed.  The mounting screw is behind the glass tube and becomes near invisible after installation.  After mounting the sconce frame to an UL approved mounting box with the supplied mounting kit, installation of the glass contrax tube, LED tube, and top cap are achieved to finish.

Comes complete with an LED tube.  We also carry replacements even after a couple of years life.

Price:  $625.00 each, including the LED tube.




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