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Byzantine Gothic Door Plate with Turnlatch (ZLW-230TL)
Price: $210.00
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Antique Brass Finish
Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Byzantine Gothic Door Plate with Turnlatch (ZLW-230TL)

ZLW-230TL  Antique Brass Finish Victorian Byzantine Gothic Door Plate with Turnlatch Operator {PICTURED}

ZLW-OB230TL  Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Victorian Byzantine Gothic Door Plate with Turnlatch Operator

The Byzantine (Roman Empire) influence can be seen in the Grecian "key" design that edges the door plate.  This is the interior door plate, with a turnlatch for operating a deadbolt from the inside.  The matching exterior door plate holds the cylinder bolt.

Cast in solid brass through the lost wax process for greatest detail.  Choice of Antique Brass Finish (Pictured) or our matte black Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish.


  • Height:  12 38"
  • Width:  2 ¾"
  • 2 ½" distance from the center of the turnlatch stem to the center of the doorknob receiver.

A natural match for this door plate is our Byzantine doorknob.

Pictured below is the matching Byzantine doorbell.

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These are our most popular doorknobs for this door plate:





We manufacture Victorian brass door knobs, French lever handles, Mission or Craftsman copper door knobs, Art Deco design door knobs, Art Nouveau door hardware, and reproduce rare R&E door hardware, and rare Windsor door hardware originally produced in the 1880's.

Where else will you find a variety of Victorian screen door hardware?

For every suite of doorknobs, we also sell the matching vintage door plates, and accompanying hardware such as antique door bolts, Victorian mortise locks, electric doorbells and twist doorbells.

Whether you're performing a restoration, or adding some personality to new construction,
Vintage Hardware has the complete antique door hardware solution.

To see more of our vintage reproduction door knobs, click here.

Popular mortise locks to use with this door plate:

The following 2 38" backset tubular passage latch & deadbolt also work with this item:



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