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Crystal Prism 10 Light Oxley Gidding Chandelier (951-10L-CH)
Price: $4950.00


Polished Brass Finish
Antique Brass Finish

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951-10L-CH Ten Light Oxley-Giddings Chandelier in Polished Brass

951-10L-DK Ten Light Oxley-Giddings Chandelier in Antique Finish

Doubletier ten light crystal chandelier originally made C. 1870 by Oxley-Giddings.  Now made as an electric fixture with UL approved components.

The fitters for the shades measure 4".  Shades are sold separately.  Any 4" fitter shade can be used, even antiques.  We recommend the oakleaf crown shade 0175G, or our "top-of-the-line" hand cut leaded glass shade 0245G.  Also used to good results are the two cut shades: 0177G and 0179G.

The chandelier as supplied is 51" tall.   If this is too tall, we can adjust by deducting one or two of the two optional top tiers of crystals to get it as short as 40".  Or we can lengthen it to your desired height by adding extension kits.   Whatever height you need, we can find a solution.

As companion items, we offer three matching Oxley-Giddings wall sconces.  These are shown below.

Large light fixtures require truck deliveries.  We invoice for actual freight, and our shopping cart only estimates freight.      

As pictured, this crystal chandelier comes 51” tall and has a diameter of 34”.  Can be custom reduced to as short as 40".

Up to 1,000 watts incandescent




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