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Cutty Sark Ship Doorknocker (ZLW-216S)
Price: $124.80
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Cutty Sark Ship Doorknocker (ZLW-216S)

ZLW-216S  Antique Reproduction Sailing Ship Doorknocker

The famous "Cutty Sark" 3D doorknocker.  3D?  This piece can only be cast in Lost Wax, and in one piece, due to the projecting spinnaker-type sails.  The detail of the ropes, sails, and the sea is wonderful.  The best ship doorknocker available.

The legend below the ship is perfectly legible.  It says:


One Ship drives East
and another drives West
With the Self Same Winds that blow
Tis the Set of the Sails
and not the Gales
Which tell us the Way to Go


  • Height:  8"
  • Width:  4 18" overall.
  • Backplate Dimensions:  8" tall x 3" wide.
  • Mounts with 2 thru-door vertical screws at 6" center to center.

Sold in our Antique Brass Finish.  1/4"-20 thread fasteners are included.