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Induction Light for Garages Hallways and Basements 100 Watt (100-CDC)
Price: $215.00

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Induction Light for Garages Hallways and Basements 100 Watt (100-CDC)

100-CDC-21  Low Ceiling Induction Light for Garages Hallways and Basements with 2700ºK Bulb - -$ 215.00

100-CDC-51  Low Ceiling Induction Light for Garages Hallways and Basements with 5000ºK Bulb - -$ 215.00


This close ceiling induction light fixture is perfect for use in basements, parking garages, tunnels, and other areas that may have shallow ceilings.


Our 100 Watt Ceiling or Wall Light  uses a UL; CE; VDE and CCC approved induction transformer.

Which means that when running at 120 VAC the use a mere 0.93 amps to run the entire light.

Output is 8,000 lumens which yields an outstanding 15,680(100-CDC-51) or 11,200(100-CDC-21)  “pupil lumens”*.






Coloring Rendering; Ra > 80

Power Factor; > 98%


Start up time; < 0.3 seconds

Hot Re-Start after Shut-Down time; < 0.5 seconds


Lamp Life; 60,000 hours to 100,000 hours

Working Environment; -13ºF to 149ºF


Waterproof Class: IP54

Preferred ht installation; 9ft to 16ft


Overall Dimensions;

15" diameter and 8" overall height.

4 Outside mounting lugs



Fixture Construction

Aluminum metal case with Injection molded prismatic

polycarbonate halophane style lens with UV inhibitors.

Neoprene gasket eliminates moisture, dust & insects.

Wall or ceiling mounting for indoor or outdoor locations


*Per: Francis Robinstein of Lawrence Berkeley National Library: 

Useful Pupil efficiency is calculated for each type of light;

HPS = times 0.4 to 0.67 of stated lumens for actual pupil lumens 

Metal Halide = times 1.49 of stated lumens for actual pupil lumens 

Fluorescent = times 1.49 of stated lumens for actual pupil lumens


Research has indicated that it is not the lux or foot candle value of lighting that determines how we see, but rather, the nanometer range of light our eyes can see and interpret. We all "know" that yellow HPS light is poor for seeing detail. It's true lumen "pupil value" is actually between 0.4 and 0.67 the stated lumens output*

HPS wasted energy and is poor light. Induction lighting has a value between 1.62 for 4100ºK light to 2.25 for 6500ºK.*

Lower Induction wattages can be used to achieve equal & greater "Pupil Lumens" of obsolete HPS and Metal Halide Lights. Green Savings and visual clarity are achieved when replacing HPS or Metal Halide with induction lighting.



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