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Induction Standard 2ft x 2ft Drop In Ceiling Grid Inset Panel Fixture (Q03A)
Price: $195.00


60W; Non-Dimmable; 2700K
60W; Non-Dimmable; 5000K
60W; Dimmable; 2700K
60W; Dimmable; 5000K
100W; Non-Dimmable; 2700K
100W; Non-Dimmable; 5000K
100W; Dimmable; 2700K
100W; Dimmable; 5000K

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Induction Standard 2ft x 2ft Drop In Ceiling Grid Inset Panel

60-Q03A-2 60W Non-Dimmable 2700K
60-Q03A-5 60W Non-Dimmable 5000K
60-Q03D-2 60W Dimmable 2700K
60-Q03D-5 60W Dimmable 5000K
100-Q03A-2 100W Non-Dimmable 2700K
100-Q03A-5 100W Non-Dimmable 5000K
100-Q03D-2 100W Dimmable 2700K
100-Q03D-5 100W Dimmable 5000K

Lamp and Ballast:

The Magnetic Induction system is built for long life.
Two ballast systems:  Dimmable and Non-Dimmable
Two Kelvin colors (temperatures) are available:
Warm White like an indcandescent bulb - -2700ºK
Cool White for bright close or technical work --5000ºK

Fixture Construction:

Cold rolled steel housing with a powder coated finish to prevent corrosion.
Contains a High purity aluminum mirror reflector.
60 watt outputs 4800 lumens which replaces 108 watt HPS
100 watt outputs 8008 lumens which replaces 216 watt HPS
Voltage:  AC 120 to 277v,  Life up to 100,000 hours



The induction lamp wattage can be controlled through voltage ( from 0-10v DC) for Step-dimming form 100% to 50%.

Description of the 0-10V dimming mode:
10V DC 100%
9V DC 95%
8V DC 90%
7V DC 85%
6V DC 80%
5V DC 75%
4V DC 70%
3V DC 65%
2V DC 60%
1V DC 55%
0V DC 50%


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