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Joist Hanger For Plaster Ceiling Medallion (ZK-104)
Price: $33.80
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Joist Hanger For Plaster Ceiling Medallion (ZK-104)

ZK-104 Joist Hanger for Plaster Ceiling Medallion

This is a simple solution to mounting any of our plaster ceiling medallions.These hangers are available in 5 different lengths, which can be selected below. Each hanger can be used alone or in addition to our LP-799 joist hanger for extra security.

Our medallions state their size, using the thickness as a "T" measurement on this website. Add the thickness of the medallion to the thickness of your ceiling, and joist that the hanger will go through. This will help you decide which pipe length to order.

ZK-104 - w/4" pipe

ZK-105 - w/5" pipe

ZK-106 - w/6" pipe 

ZK-107 - w/7" pipe 

ZK-108 - w/8" pipe

Click here for instructions on hanging our plaster ceiling medallions.