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Art Deco Style Door Bolt - Classic Modern Cremone Door Security Bolt Set (L-OB1314D)
Price: $295.00
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Knob Options:
No Handle
L-ZN52KS: Two-Tone Art Deco Knob
ZL-50K: Two-Tone Art Deco Classic Style Knob
Art Deco Style Door Bolt - Classic Modern Cremone Door Security Bolt Set (L-OB1314D)

Art Deco Modern Classic Style Cremone Door Bolt Set

L-OB1314  Solid Brass Full Door Cremone Bolt Set in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish 

L-OB1314D-1  Include L-ZN52KS  Two-Tone Art Deco Door Knob

L-OB1314D-2  Include ZL-50K Two-Tone Art Deco Classic Modern Style Door Knob


This cremone bolt set can come by itself without any knobs, for use with an antique knob or knob or your choice.  We also offer it with a Two Deco Style knobs for a modern look to the classic hardware.  

Door set is only functional from one side of the door.  If you wish to have it function from both sides, you will need to purchase a full length spindle and hardware for the other side of the door.

For taller doors, we make an extra rod (part number L-1314M) which is 7 foot long, and can be used either on the top or the bottom of a door, depending on where you want the handle.  This rod is packaged complete with four guides.  This is an accessory rod; it does not substitute for our L-1314 set.

This cremone bolt set will fit doors of any length up to 96" tall.  For shorter doors, simply trim the top and bottom rods by an equal amount.

The guides for the rods are all ball bearing, with spring tension for smooth activation.  These guides protrude from each side of the rod by 7/16", and are 5/8" wide.  The guides and rods are both extruded solid brass.

The rod measures 11/16" wide by 5/16" thick.

This item requires special shipping.  If you need an exact freight quote prior to ordering, please call 360-379-9030.