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LED Flat Panel - Diffused and Dimmable Light, 2' x 2' 36watts (6060-48-2)
Price: $235.00
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Light Temperature:
Incandescent (2700ēK)
Bright White (5000ēK)
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Lutron CL Dimmer Switch (CL96-101)
LED Flat Panel - Diffused and Dimmable Light, 2' x 2' 36watts (6060-48-2)

Small Diffused flat panel with lots of uses:

- Illumination of cabinets over a small desk or work surface
- Vertical on the side of a make-up mirror. Light would not be shining directly into your eyes - but highlighting a profile with warm toned light.

 These diffused LED flat panel lights can be mounted in a variety of ways, and provide a much longer lifespan than traditional fluorescent bulbs. The panels can be dimmed and set from a very low, ambient glow (ideal for subtle lighting)– up to a very bright light (suited for a working environment). Unlike the common ‘tube lights’ based on fluorescent lights that frequently die out or may flicker – LED flat panel lights do not cause distracting flicker even when dimmed at any level, We recommend using Lutron CL LED dimmers, See drop down menu for dimmer adding this dimmer option.

Unlike light bulbs or tubes mounted behind plastic or glass diffusion panels – LED flat panel lights function on their own as diffusion panels, and do not require additional diffusers or screens. Because of this, there are no obvious points of lights visible in the panels but rather a uniform surface of smooth and even light.

Their physical form factor also opens up a new world of possibilities in terms of discrete or space saving installation. Measuring in at just 1/2 inchthick, the LED flat panels can be installed and hidden from view underneath shelves or under kitchen cabinets. They are also well suited for use as make-up mirrors or any work surface where a very even light is required.

Our LED Light Flat Panels are available in different sizes and can be used on either 100 volt or 240 volt power supplies. Energy consumption range from only 24 to 72 watts – without sacrificing light output, and the average lifespan is an impressive 50.000 hours

48 watts, 2700ºK warm color, 3014 lumens.

48 watts, 5000ºK warm color, 3014 lumens.