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Magnificent Large Ballroom Crystal Chandelier (ANT-372)
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ANT-372  Magnificent Large Ballroom Chandelier

Large and important Brass finish and crystal monumental chandelier for a outstanding bargain price.

Please note the hand cut crystal shades with pattern...not just cheap candletubes.  That together with all those wonderful crystals make this an outstanding offering.  Real power crystal lighting...not just a bulb or two...but 39 bulbs for a great and impressive appearance.

This monumental chandelier has been totally re-wired, in our UL listed workshop, with all new American sockets of chandelier bulb size.   There is a total of 39 bulbs in this beauty with the following distribution:  12 on the outside largest rim with shades.  In the center of this largest rim, there are a further 15 sockets (12 down + 3 up pointing).  On the smaller rim there are 6 shaded sockets, and in the center of this rim there are a further 6 sockets (3 down + 3 up pointing).  Total:  39 sockets.

Measurements:  The overall height is 71”.  Naturally, it can be lengthened but shortening it will require some engineering.  This is for a very large room.  The bottom tier with the 12 outside lights with shades measures 50” in diameter.  The smaller upper tier with 6 shades measures 34” in diameter.   It has a 7” canopy.

All mounting hardware will be included.

$4,750.00 for the complete re-stored ballroom light.   The new cost was rumored to be 25K, and we can well see this value judging by the construction and nature.   We, however, are just looking for a fair return on our UL shop time and effort.  There is only ONE of these.  Free on-site pick up....but crating and handling will be assessed by destination and carriage type.  Crating--estimate under $350.  Building a crate for this wonderful chandelier is more like building a garden shed.  We can use FedEx truck freight for a good rate which again, is based on destination.





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