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Original Antique Art Deco Slip Shade 6 Light Chandelier By Halcolite C1937 (ANT-125)
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ANT-125 Original Antique Art Deco Slip Shade 6 Light Chandelier by Halcolite c1937

Circa 1937-1938 six light Art Deco chandelier made by Halcolite,  Brooklyn, N.Y.
This light is in their catalog of 1937-1938.

This chandelier was the top of the line in the Series that Halcolite called: “The Danbury Series“.  They tout in their catalog that it  “gives a feeling of newness in a home“.  Assuming that they are referring to the “streamline” design motif popular at this time.

Metal color as stated in the catalog is:  “Chromium with Bronze Trim“.  While the bowl of the fixture is this “chromium”  (really nickel plating),  there are elements of “bronze” on the rim of the bowl, the fleur de lis motif, & the hanging bow.

An interesting historical note: Manufacturers during the Great Depression sometimes made slight changes to their delivered lights from the catalog pictures due to the economics of the times. They needed to make a profit by using up either old stock, or purchasing components from the ever growing list of bankruptcies. 

This chandelier uses slightly different shades than cataloged, and a different ceiling canopy than shown in their catalog.  Still decidedly neat !

Measurements: The chandelier measures 25 inches tall...And the diameter is 18 1/2 inches. It has been rewired with new sockets and lead wire, and is otherwise in original condition.

We will supply a new bracket (crossbar) for this light... so literally,  you can hang this light and have it working minutes after receiving it.

25" High; 18 1/2" Diameter

Up to 600 watts incandescent, or purchase our optional LED Art Deco looking bulb  60-WW-E26 , each using only 7 watts and putting out about 75 watts of incandescent equivalent light.   Makes running the chandelier all night long, perhaps as a nite lite, very economical indeed and cool to the shade as well.




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