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Oversize Fabulous Mail Box (ZLW-59MB)
Price: $175.00
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Polished Brass
Antique Brass Finish
Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Oversize Fabulous Mail Box (ZLW-59MB)

ZLW-59MB Oversize Fabulous Mailbox in Polished Brass

ZLW-DK59MB  Oversize Fabulous Mailbox in Antique Brass Finish

ZLW-OB59MB Oversize Fabulous Mailbox in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

An unusually large solid brass mailbox, which must be the biggest vertical hanging mailbox on the market. Note these box-only sizes: 14" tall, 9" wide, and 4 1/2" deep. It even has a magazine rack that will easily hold a 4" roll (Sunday paper?).

Comes complete with brass stand-offs, so water running down a wall will not go into the mailbox and wet your mail. Water falling on top of the mail box will not seep inside due to a 1/2" overhang on all 4 sides of the lid.

This handcrafted mailbox may have some blemishes and tool marks from the crafting process. These are not defects but in fact give the item character.

Constructed from 0.8mm solid brass metal. So, while big and strong, it is also lightweight and easy to install.

This item requires special shipping.