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Small Decorative Iron Strap Hinge (I-R20)
Price: $24.50
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Small Decorative Iron Strap Hinge (I-R20)

I-R20  Small Cast Iron 5 ¾” long by 2 38” Decorative or Mock Strap Hinge End (Single)

Very elaborate with nice detail.  Since this strap hinge is decorative only, use a different hinge to carry the weight of the door.

Sold by each, so you can have an odd number on a door if you wish.

Painted flat black, but lighted hard for the photo so you could see its textured finish.

Small Size (I-R20) Measurements:

  • Length:  A little over 5 ¾” long.
  • Width:  2 38” at its widest.
  • Thickness:  Just under ¼” thick.


We also have a Larger version. Large Size Decorative Iron Strap Hinge-(I-R21)

Large Size (I-R21) Measurements:

  • Length:  A little over 11 ½” long.
  • Width:  4 ¼” at its widest.
  • Thickness:  Just about 38” thick.

For our largest 19" wide decorative strap hinge, please see ZIR-300.


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