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Roaring Lion Double Door Entry Set (Z189DBS)
Price: $1,797.00
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Cylinder Length:
L-9CC 1" Cylinder
L-9C4 1 1/4" Cylinder
L-150S 1 1/2" Cylinder
L-175S 1 3/4" Cylinder
Set Door Handing:
Left Hand
Right Hand
Roaring Lion Double Door Entry Set  (Z189DBS)

 Z189DBS Roaring Lion Double Door Entry Set 

VERY impressive! This is a reproduction from of the "Pavia" pattern roaring lion doorknob backplate by P.F. Corbin, which can be seen in their Circa 1900 catalog. This impressive  backplate has a design of double full figured cherubs flanking a lion's head. The design is very classical Roman.

This Complete door set is hand finished in an Antiqued Brass.

The complete door set includes:

  1. Interior Door Plate
  2. Exterior Door Plate
  3. Two Lower Knob Door Plates
  4. Two Dummy Spindles
  5. Mortise Lock with connecting spindle
  6. Four Doorknobs
  7. Cylinder Lock. See our Lock Cylinder Size Chart to select the correct cylinder length for your door.



Backplates Measures 4" wide by 18" tall. Measurement from the center of the cylinder hole to the center of the doorknob spindle hole is 3 3/4". From the center of the turnlatch stem to the center of the doorknob receiver is 2 1/2".

Lock body measures 5 1/2" tall by 3 5/8" deep. 13/16" thickness.

Lock face is 1" wide by 7 1/2" long.

Backset is 2 1/2", including the thickness of the face plate.

Distance from the center of the bolt throw hole to the center of the door knob spindle hole is 2 1/2".

Catch plate is 4 7/8" long by 1 7/8".