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UL Approved PVC Box with Four Adapters (ZPT-9-CAN)
Price: $39.50
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UL Approved PVC Box with Four Adapters (ZPT-9-CAN)

ZPT-9-CAN  Concrete or Below-Floor UL Approved PVC Box with Four Adapters for Electrical Conduit

This item is a concrete or below-floor UL approved PVC box with four stop plugs for PVC openings not intended to receive a PVC conduit pipe.

Normally, with concrete, the box is molded into the floor with the concrete pour and left high. Once the final floor height is known (after tile or carpet, etc.), the box is cut down, and the frame (ZPT-9-FRM) is glued in.  The electrical outlet is then mounted in the frame, and a decorative cover plate placed on top.  A simple operation custom-trimmed for final height.

Can Measurements:

  • Height:  6"
  • Top Diameter:  4 1316"
  • Base Diameter:
    •  6.44" between the two 1" conduit ports.
    •  6.11" between the two ¾" conduit ports.
  • The spaces between the screw flags is 4.01".

Material of the can is high impact thermoplastic PVC.  Suitable for concrete, wood or carpeted floors.


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