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Windsor Pattern Victorian Decorative Floor Outlet Electrical Cover (ZPT-9DK)
Price: $95.00

Finish Options:

Polished Unlacquered Brass Floor Outlet Plate Cover
Antique Brass Finish Floor Outlet Plate Cover
Nickel Plated Floor Outlet Plate Cover
Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Floor Outlet Plate Cover

Add ZPT-9-CAN Can?:


Add ZPT-9-FRM Frame?:


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ZPT-9PB  Polished Unlacquered Brass Windsor Pattern Floor Outlet Electrical Cover
ZPT-9DK  Antique Brass Finish Windsor Pattern Floor Outlet Electrical Cover (First Picture)
ZPT-9NP  Nickel Plated Windsor Pattern Floor Outlet Electrical Cover
ZPT-9OB  Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Windsor Pattern Floor Outlet Electrical Cover

ZPT-9-CAN  Concrete or Below-Floor UL Approved PVC Box with Four Adapters

ZPT-9-FRM  Floor Outlet Frame

ZPT-9 is one of the nicest and highest quality electrical floor box covers ever made, inspired by the Windsor high end home hardware line.  Made of solid brass and machine tool finished, this very attractive cover was specially made for a Victorian building which would only accept the best.  Copyright Design by Vintage Hardware, this is truly a eye catcher decorative element for all outstanding construction projects.

Decorative Plate Measurements:  140 mm (5 ½”) outside diameter lip, which has a thickness of 2 mm (332”).  The center is thicker at 6 mm (¼”), and has a diameter of 102 mm (4”).

The two screw plug openings are 38 mm (1 ½”) diameter.  Thickness of each plug is 6 mm (¼”).

ZPT-9-CAN is a concrete or below floor UL approved PVC box with four stop plugs for PVC openings.  The stop plugs are used on the ports that are not intended to receive a PVC conduit pipe.  Normally, with concrete, the box is molded into the floor with the concrete pour and left high.  Then once the final floor height is known (after tile or carpet, etc.), the box is cut down and the frame (ZPT-9-FRM) is glued on.  The electrical outlet is installed in the frame, and everything topped with the decorative ZPT-9 cover plate.  A simple operation custom trimmed for final height.

Can Measurements:  6" tall, 4 1316" diameter at the top.  At the base, the diameter between the two 1" conduit ports is 6.44".  Diameter between the two ¾" conduit ports is 6.11".  The spaces between the screw flags is 4.01".  Material of the can is high-impact thermoplastic PVC.

ZPT-9-FRM is the frame to mount a plug to, and then in turn, glue into the ZPT-9-CAN when the final floor height is known.

Frame Measurements:  1" wall height, and 4 716" in diameter.  Made of high-impact thermoplastic PVC.

All three parts are sold separately, and are suitable for concrete, wood or carpeted floors.  Please click on the options menu above for prices.




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