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Vintage Hooks - Cast Iron and Brass Coat and Hat Hooks

  vintage brass hooks  

You won't find finer hooks anywhere. All of our hooks are cast from antique originals. Our brass hooks are made using the "Lost Wax" method to preserve all the details, and our iron hooks are made using the same sand casting process as the originals.

Shown to the left are just a few of our vintage brass and cast iron hooks. Click the image for details, or see below for a comlete list.

   Currently Showing:  Vintage And Victorian Interior Hooks

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Victorian Triple Hallstand Hook (A-7)
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Price: $22.40
Eastlake Droop Hook (A-10)

Price: $19.50
Mission Or Arts & Crafts Double Hook (A-13D)
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Price: $26.96
Monster Size Horse Tack Hook in Solid Brass (A-14)

Price: $64.22
Elegant Victorian Scrolled Hook (A-16S)

Price: $18.85
Victorian Hook (A-17V)

Price: $15.13
Fancy Pierced Victorian Hook (A-18F)

Price: $16.82
Brass Double Swept Hook (A-2)

Price: $21.13
Arts & Crafts or Mission Style Iron Hook (A-22)

Price: $19.95
Classic Hallstand Hook (A-3)

Price: $14.79
Popular Vintage Recreated Brass Hook (A-4)
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Price: $14.75
Victorian Style Curved Brass Double Hook (A-5)

Price: $22.39
Fancy Pierced Hook (A-6)
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Price: $14.47
Heavy Triple Hallstand Hook (A-1)

Price: $21.13
Vintage Recreated Mission Style Slim Line Hook (A-8)
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Available Nickel Plated
Price: $13.52
Small Wardrobe Hook (A-9)

Price: $7.18
Antique Recreated Iron Face Triple Hook (I-R19)

Price: $14.50
Arts & Crafts Iron Double Hook Circa 1906 (I-R3A)

Price: $22.50
Horse Tack Hook Monster Size in Iron (I-R7H)

Pictured in Brass

Price: $37.70
Victorian Picture Rail Hook (L-14)

Price: $6.18
Oak Hanging Rack With Brass Swivel Hooks (M-78SR)

Price: $46.80
Oak Hanging Rack with 6 Brass Hooks (M-79LR)

Price: $61.10
Beaded Edge Design Robe Hook Choice Of Finish (ZG-6)
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Price: $17.99
Single Brass Hook Porcelain Ball Tips (ZH-109)

Price: $9.43
Victorian Brass Triple Hook With Porcelain Ball (ZH-110)

Price: $12.03
Quad Hook Porcelain Ball (ZH-111)

Price: $12.68
Bathroom Horse Head Single Hook (ZH-21)

Price: $42.75
Equestrian Horse Head Double Hook (ZH-29)

Price: $48.75
Victorian Recreated Lady's Face Robe Hook (ZLW-100H)

Price: $36.40
Victorian Double Hook Lady Face Center (ZLW-101H)

Price: $45.00
Antique Recreated Dramatic Double Hook (ZLW-11D)

Price: $75.00
Victorian Robe Hook With Porcelain End (ZLW-124RH)

Price: $44.20
Victorian Robe Hook With Porcelain End (ZLW-125GH)

Price: $44.20
Antique Recreated Rococo Large Triple Hook (ZLW-12T)

Price: $85.00
Arts & Crafts Double Hook Circa 1906 (ZLW-15AC)

Price: $45.00
Antique Recreated Roman or Mythical Female Fancy Hook (ZLW-238F)

Price: $65.00
Antique Recreated Roman or Mythical Male Head Hook (ZLW-239M)

Price: $65.00
Antique Recreated Small Ornate Rococo Robe Hook (ZLW-42H)

Price: $38.50
Victorian Small Robe Hook (ZLW-45H)

Price: $36.00
Eastlake Double Ceiling Or Under Shelf Hook (ZLW-71H)

Price: $23.40
Antique Recreated Windsor Ceiling Hook C1880 (ZLW-73CT)

Price: $46.80
Antique Recreated Eastlake Robe Hook (ZLW-85H)

Price: $36.40
Victorian Recreated Nice Small Spike Robe Hook (ZLW-99H)

Price: $36.40
Recreated Victorian Brass Washer Or Mounting Spacer Only 1" Diameter (A-2/5)

Price: $6.68
Heavy Duty Brass Hanger  (M-19A)

Price: $19.95

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