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Sash windows       - Sash windows slide in a groove or track. Usually moving up and down.
Casment windows - Casment windows pivot on a hinge, which can be located on the top, bottom, or side.
Transom windows - Transom windows where tradionally located over a door. But may be found in other high hard to reach locations.

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  Vintage Shutter Hardware
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Cast Iron 3" Shutter Hinge Left Side (I-R10L)

Price: $19.50
Cast Iron 3" Shutter Hinge Right Side (I-R11R)

Price: $19.50
Vintage Style Iron Shutter Latch Left (I-R1L)

Price: $19.50
Vintage Style Iron Shutter Latch Right Side (I-R2R)

Price: $19.50
Lady Figure Shutter Dog (L-116)

Price: $17.23
Vintage Antique Style Windsor Shutter Hinges (ZB-31)
Great for cabinets or furniture
Price: $97.50
Victorian Shutter Latch Circa 1870 (ZE-15)

Price: $54.60
Victorian Floral Design Shutter Knob By R&E (ZE-9032)

Price: $36.50
R&E Recreated Shutter Bar Hook Latch And Catch (ZLW-94SL)

Price: $54.60