For more than 30 years,(since 1978) , we have specialized in authentic, recreated antique hardware and period lighting. We even take on the near impossible restorations from historic photographs and drawings. Our quality products can be seen in landmark buildings such as The White House; Metro, Parks, Tacoma, WA; Mississippi State Capitol; MANY theme parks; MANY Hollywood movies; MANY TV series; Logan Theater in Chicago; and the Korean Embassy in Washington. .

(See Examples Here)Custom Restoration Hardware and Lighting

If you are sourcing Vintage Lighting (or hardware) - or are trying to "make" that rare antique item that no one else has - or exists any longer - we truly might be able to help.

We have built our business for decades on a genuine passion for what we create and make.. Loyal customers come back to us - not only for our products - but also for the personal professional service that can be relied upon.

Vintage Hardware & Lighting is a leader in innovative design and "green" technology. Whether it be incandescent lighting or LED technology, it can be applied here.

In addition to our showroom; museum and casting facilities, the year 2019 sees the opening of our new proto-type and limited "custom" lighting shop.Devoting 10,000 sq ft of space for the archiving of original and antique designs...and 12,000 sq ft of "custom" manufacturing. We again are stretching our parameters to serve our customers.

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