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Vintage Style Elk's Club Emblematic Door Knob Antique Recreated (ZLW-180K)
Price: $143.00
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Vintage Style Elk's Club Emblematic Door Knob Antique Recreated (ZLW-180K)

ZLW-180K Antique Reproduction Elk's Club Emblematic Door Knob

Elk's Club Lost Wax cast knob. This is an especially nice knob with all the symbolism. There is the elk figure, the clock face in the background with the star above and B-P-O-E around the lower rim. Very nice.

Elk's club hardware is "antiqued" brass, lacquered to preserve its color. You can decorate like the Victorians, with the more ornate knob on the public side of your door, and a simpler knob on the inside.

These knobs are sold by each. To make a set, order two knobs and connecting doorknob spindle . For extra thick doors, you may purchase an extra long square doorknob shaft spindle separately, which may be trimmed as needed.

We have the Elk's Club door plate , with the charming elk head and skeleton keyhole. Look for our Elk's Club doorbell , chandelier , and sconce also. 

How far from the edge of the door is the center of your doorknob? Thisis the backset, and determines which latch or mortise lock you use. Fora 2 3/8" backset, we offer a tubular latch , and a privacy tubular deadbolt latch option. Very narrow panel doors or doors with lots of glass may need a 1 3/8" backset passage latch . Order the Antique Brass finish to match the Elk's Head doorknob.

If you prefer a full mortise lock with key function and mortise lock with privacy turnlatch function , we have 1 3/4", 2 1/4" or 2 5/8" backset. If you also need a turnlatch knob, we have an oval knob turnlatch , and the popular crescent shape turnlatch.


2 1/8"diameter; 2"tall.



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