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Victorian Chandelier - Pierced Brass Victorian Chandelier in Special Finishes (466-FGE-DK)
Price: $1,944.00
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Antique Brass Finish
Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Victorian Chandelier - Pierced Brass Victorian Chandelier in Special Finishes (466-FGE-DK)

466-FGE-CH Gaslight Reproduction Pierced Brass Victorian Chandelier in Polished Unlacquered Brass (Pictured)

466-FGE-DK Pierced Brass Victorian Chandelier in Antique Brass Finish

466-FGE-OB Pierced Brass Victorian Chandelier in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Mitchell, Vance is most commonly known for their surviving Circa 1876 catalog of "Neo-Grecian" lighting, which has been reprinted by Dover Publications. About 15 years after this original catalog had been printed, the company was still making outstanding quality lighting.

These part numbers are for the Antique Finishes, but the photograph shows the polished brass finish. To order the polished brass finish, please click here .

Among those lights were a handful of long pierced bodied chandeliers that required great skill to make. These fixtures became some of the best quality and highest priced fixtures available on the late Victorian market.

The creation of these long pierced body sections was a trade secret in1890, and has again become one today. It took us over a year and dozens of failed molds to rediscover the secret of their production. The effort was truly worth it.

This is a 5 arm, 10 light fixture. The ability for the Victorians to put both gas and electric lights on a single arm was a difficult thing to do. It required the tube to be divided perfectly with an internal soldered baffle without a single leak. Even with our technology today, it can still be a daunting task.

The only reproduced "crown and spoke" 4" diameter gas fitter was recreated for this light.

All the sockets are rated for 100 watts.Although the sockets could technically support higher wattage, the total of 1000 watts possible is at the high end of UL recommendations due to the heat.

Gas shade fitters are 4" in diameter, and the electric shade fitters measure 2 1/4" in diameter.  Shades are sold separately, and the shades shown are 068Gand here.


The fixture is measures 42" tall and can be shortened to 26" upon request. The spread is 26" with the shades shown. If you need a longer length, our 1014/18-EXT extension kit adds up to an extra 65".

Up to 1,000 watts incandescent.



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