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Narrow Lockset with Knobs for Small Backset Doors (L79SET-2)
Price: $134.13
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Polished Unlacquered Brass
Antique Brass Finish
Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Set Door Handing:
Left Hand
Right Hand
Narrow Lockset with Knobs for Small Backset Doors (L79SET-2)

L79SET-2PB  Polished Unlacquered Brass Narrow Lock Set with Door Knobs

L79SET-2DK  Antique Brass Finish Narrow Lock Set with Door Knobs (Pictured)

L79SET-2OB  Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Narrow Lock Set with Door Knobs

This lock set is made for narrow doors that don't have enough room for standard backset locks.

With a 1" backset, you can use this lock set with doors that have trim or glass that keep you from using standard backset locks.

Set uses a skeleton key lock for a vintage charm.

This lock set includes:

  • One narrow 1" back set lock with skeleton key function.
  • Two small doorknob rosettes.
  • Two small door knobs with connecting spindle.
  • Two keyhole escutcheons.

Set Measurements:

  • Lock Measurements:
    • Lock Case:  4" tall x 1 ½" wide.  ½" thick.
    • Center-to-Center:  2 ¼"
    • Lock Face:  5 ¼" tall x ¾" wide.
    • Catch Plate:  3" tall x ¾" wide, less the tongue.
  • Rosettes:
    • 1 ¾" x 1 38".
  • Doorknobs:
    • 1 ¾" diameter by 1 ¾" tall.
  • Spindle:
    • Normal 3/8" thread doorknob spindle with a length of 4 ½".  Diameter is ¼"; 16 threads per inch.
  • Keyholes:
    • 1 ½" tall x 1 18" wide.

Mounting screws are included with the hardware for this set.


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