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54" Diameter Art Deco Empire Series Chandelier Large Commercial Lighting LED Lights (670-CH)
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Shade Options:
Amber Slip Shades
Frosted Slip Shades
Add Switch:
Lutron CL Dimmer Switch (CL96-101)
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Outstanding Large Commercial Impressive Empire Series Chandelier

670-CHAM  Amber Slip Shades Option Empire Series Chandelier

670-CHF  Frosted Slip Shades Option Empire Series Chandelier

We have been working on this design for over four years.  A few dozen engineering and tooling challenges stood in our way to make this more than unusual lighting beauty.  Listing here...only a few...making a spinning die to create the 44"+ bowl...our machine was on railroad-style tracks...then making the large bottom acrylic bowl took a monster die...then recreating the Mid-West Mnf glass slip shade took no less than 3 dies...and the challenges did go on and on. the re-created a distinguished light that could truly be called a One-of-a-Kind, and truly a copyrighted delight.

While the bowl is aluminum (as was the original Mid-West Mnf Empire Series lights), the rest of the chandelier is of mixed metals and old-gold contrasted coloring.  It is impressive, to be sure.

Mid-West Manufacturing's largest chandelier in 1935 was a six light with only 5 slip shades.  To our knowledge, they never made a bigger chandelier.  Our chandelier has 22 slip shades.  You can choose either frosted slip shades, or amber slip shades depending on the ambiance you wish to achieve.

Our inspiration came from 1935 Mid-West Mnf, but this copyrighted design is totally our own. And like Mid-West, we have contrasted the metals and painting to make our light truly a Deco Theme Masterpiece.

You can find our sconces that match this fixture HERE.


  • Diameter:  54" overall.
  • Height:  80" normal supplied height.
    • Chandelier can be shortened, as it was shortened for these pictures.  Of course, it can also be extended as required for a longer drop for very high ceilings.  Please contact us for details & pricing.

The bowl is supported interiorly with three double-threaded turnbuckles.  This allows easy installation, since the wires are connected via a snap plug.  The turnbuckles make easier bowl balancing, since each turnbuckle can be adjusted for that ability.

Lighting:  22 medium base sockets, and shades, are on the outside of the bowl.  Can use either incandescent or LED bulbs.  For the bottom bowl...there is a cluster of 7 E-26 sockets.  And finally, the center stem is set up for 4 pieces of 3 foot long LED tubes (we stock replacements).  There is a cluster of four of them, and they are dimmable with an LED dimmer switch (do not use incandescent dimmer for LED lights--they make electronic noise, which affects the tubes).  The glass tubes of the stem can be slid up, then angled, and lifted out to change the LED center tubes.  We will start you off with a set of 3 foot dimmable LED tubes for the center, so that is not a worry.  We could also make this great Empire chandelier for CA Title 24 compliance, with GU10 sockets if those requirements need to be met for your local building department.  Other sockets for International use are also available.  This is a world electrical current chandelier with great adaptability.

Price:  Complete UL listed, copyrighted Empire Chandelier, with shades of your choice and complete with 4 LED dimmable stem tubes:  $8,750.00 plus crating and shipping.


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