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We have several blogs that feature articles on the background and history of our many designs. Check out the blogs below to learn more about some of our product categories:

Reproduction of Antique Hardware,
Vintage Period Home Lighting,
Rococo Period Home Lighting,
Custom Reproduction Lights,
Old Art Deco Lighting and Reproduction

Latest News:
antique lighting movie set lincoln"
antique lighting movie set lincoln"

Vintage Hardware & Lighting products featured
in Stephen Spielberg's "

The movie (which has received no less than 12 Academy Award nominations) about Abraham Lincoln has already been praised as one of the best movies of 2012. Produced in conjunction with Dreamworks and 20th Century Fox – the historic film stars Daniel Day Lewis in the role as President Lincoln, and is directed by Steven Spielberg. With this movie, Spielberg successfully finds a balance between entertainment, representation of historical events, and human emotions that we all can relate to. Because even though the events throughout Lincoln’s years as president were troubling, they are in some ways similar to challenges modern politicians face every day around the world. The movie depicts Lincoln’s personal struggles, as well as the struggles of a nation to come to peace.

Not only that, but the movie has also been carefully shot to recreate what America looked like back in the late 1800’s. To accomplish this, set designers must do thorough research on period clothing and architecture - down to recreated rococo era vintage lights that you will see throughout the movie. (Read more...)

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