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Outstanding Solid Brass/Bronze Theater or Interior Commercial Sconce (265-BES)
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Outstanding Solid Brass/Bronze Theater or Interior Commercial Sconce (265-BES)

265-BES  A really outstanding solid brass/bronze  theater or interior commercial sconce

The antique was originally found, in pieces, from a demolished theater.  We liked it so much that we felt that it simply had to be restored..and then.. recreated.

The case is sand cast from patterns created from the originals and as such,  it does show some irregularities that existed in the original antiques.  They are not significant...but they exist.  It was a true antique after-all.

Not only is this light fixture simply gorgeous and impressive, it is now can be powered either by LED to be totally LED efficient or normal incandescent for that appearance.  The LED model comes complete with a long tube having a 2G11 base.  This LED tube is dimmable, and has an output of 22 LED watts or about the output of a 200 watt incandescent light array.  Previously...these were lit with a string of “hot” bulbs which did create “hot” spots.

Our dimmable LED tube creates a more balanced output and can be had in either 2700K (warm incandescent color) or 5000K (bright white) output.

((Dimmable LEDs MUST use an LED dimmer.  Normal Incandescent dimmers create an electronic “noise’ which will ruin LED light bulbs ))

Saying all that about the neat LED energy compliant tube,  we do also offer this fine light with an incandescent double socket for normal incandescent bulbs or tubes.  We think that the tubular type bulbs give a more even light and have shown the fixture with 12” incandescent tube bulbs but the choice is totally up to the customer.  LED bulbs are also available as tubular types that screw into the incandescent socket,  so the choices are many.

We have shown a step by step breakdown of this neat light in our pictures.

While this sconce is designed and UL approved for interior mounting,  it is also possible to create a “wet” version to be used outdoors.   We have not created it yet,  need to see if there is a desire for it, could be done.


Maximum height:  43”.   Maximum width:  17”.   Projection from the wall is 3 1/2” making it ADA compliant.  It weights in at:  29 pounds average (casting weights vary slightly).

Price:  $2,650.00.  Includes a dimmable, 22 watt, LED 2G11 tube of your color choice plus normal shipping costs.   Ready to hang.  This fixture, with the 2G11 LED tube is California approved for new and restoration construction.  (Title 24 compliant)