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Due to staffing shortages,
The Museum and Showroom are closed. Please place orders online.

Due to staffing shortages,
The Museum and Showroom are closed.
Please place orders online.

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Home of Antique Hardware and Historic Lights

Welcome, to your #1 source for vintage hardware and antique lighting products on the web! With over 30 years industry experience, our store has become the leading manufacturer and supplier of renovation hardware and lights.

When starting a new remodeling or renovation project, choosing the right supplier will define how your final result will look, feel, and cost. You will find many vintage hardware sellers online, but only a small handful that are able to deliver outstanding quality, service, and price the way we can. We provide our loyal customers with only the best in authentically crafted vintage hardware and light fixtures - NOT cheap imitations or mass-produced, "thin" so-called replicas.

As a matter of fact, the largest film and television companies in Hollywood trust Vintage Hardware & Lighting as their primary source for period hardware and lights when they need to capture the magic of 1850's to 1930's style on the silver screen. You can see a list of just some of the big productions our products have been in featured in here.

The White House, The Capital Building in Washington D.C., and Walt Disney World
also feature some of our light and hardware products.
renovation hardware

Our store also has one of the largest selections you will find anywhere online - from antique furniture hardware, and other renovation hardware - to antique chandeliers, light fixtures, glass shades, period switch plates, and more! Most of our products can be custom delivered to you in several choices of finishes such as antiqued brass, nickel plated finish, oil-rubbed finish, and more.

restoration hardware video and film

Recreated Lights and Home Hardware in Any Style

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of vintage lights and hardware, we take pride in offering one of the biggest and most unique selections you will find anywhere. Unlike modern homes today where a lot of things have been replaced with plastic - old homes in the late 1800s and early 1900s often decorated every functional item from switch plates to hinges, and window hardware. Vintage switch plates for instance, were of much better quality than today's cheap plastic covers.

Here on our website, you can see various gfi cover plates, vintage outlet covers, and even antique telephone jack covers that would match the interior of a Victorian or Deco style home. Furniture was no exception either. In the days before the big box stores, office furniture, ornate desks, chairs, and cabinets would be styled with brass caster wheels, or even detailed paw or claw foot casters. There was much more attention to detail back in those days, something you will notice when looking at some of our carefully recreated vintage cabinet and furniture hardware.

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