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In addition to our thousands of stock lighting and hardware items, we also offer the option to have your own hardware or lighting parts reproduced. Since we are a real foundry, and not just a reseller, we can make custom replacements of missing antique hardware for furniture and home. New construction and product lines are also possible for hardware and lighting.

Furniture Hardware
Knobs and handles can be fabricated from good original samples. Normally, when a handle or knob is missing and a good quality matching one is still available, we can make a copy in any quantity.  We cast the reproduction from the original sample. The better the sample, the better the product. The original sample may become damaged due to the reproduction process. Reproduction castings from original samples will be slightly smaller than the original due to shrinkage during the casting process. 

We do not repair hardware, as that is generally impractical or impossible. Reproduction castings from an original sample start at $65 for one piece. Each casting requires us to make a silicon-rubber mold from the original, hence the cost. A handle, consisting of a back plate and a bail, is really two castings, requiring two molds and two separate castings. Reproduction castings from original samples will be slightly smaller than the original due to shrinkage during the casting process. If you want a precise or exact reproduction, it may require an additional cost. For an accurate quote, send us the sample with a check for the $10 per item quotation fee. 

Mechanical Hardware
Mechanical hardware requires steel dies to create their working parts. Normally, this includes locks and passage devices utilizing springs. Other hardware requiring steel manufacturing dies are: window cranks, engaging latches, support devices, and even, sometimes, special name a few. Mechanical devices are extremely complicated to reproduce and can involve thousands of dollars in die costs. Making "one" is not practical...but of course...we can quote 100\'s or 1,000\'s for OEM manufacturers who are willing to absorb the normal die costs. Antique mechanical devices like window latches, throw bolts etc, do not, normally, require steel dies and can be re-manufactured within most restoration budgets. 

We have cast many architectural pieces for the outside of buildings and gardens. We have worked from drawings, but the most economic costing of an architectural elements is when a "same size" sample is supplied. We have made zinc and brass castings from plaster originals...and we can even work from a clay mock-up. When we are only provided with drawings, an original sample must be created, adding significantly to prep charges, but it can be done. 

Metals and Finishes
We work in mostly yellow-brass. Yellow brass can be antiqued, and antiqued with a high/lo finish for a beautiful rustic appearance. Other finishes available are: satin brass, nickel-plated brass, and yellow-brass lacquered. All special order finishes are lacquer sealed. We also can work in silicon bronze and zinc if needed.

If you have questions about custom or made-to-order reproduction hardware pieces, please contact us today!