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1933 Fantastic Lightolier Luxart Chandelier or Hall Light (ANT-1195)
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1933 Fantastic Lightolier Luxart Chandelier or Hall Light (ANT-1195)

ANT-1195  1933 Fantastic Lightolier Luxart Chandelier or Hall Light

This chandelier was shown in the 1933 Lightolier catalog for Builders; Architects and Decorators.  The catalog shows this chandelier being installed in the finest shopping establishments (see pic). It came from the series that Lightolier called “Luxart”.  This chandelier was stock numbered 4045 and the cost, in 1933, was $50.25. That was a mighty princely sum in depression 1933. Since it was never a cheapy...and since most of it’s use was commercial, few have survived since very few commercial fixtures were ever bought for the home.

Lightolier made two versions of this chandelier. They made this top of the line model with five opal side-shades, and, a slightly smaller model with four opal side shades with less body elaboration. Strangely, both models only had one socket.

To us, one socket gave a strange output for such a tall light. It had limited bottom shade illumination and, of the few antique fixtures offered today...the bottom shade is always a big dark shadow which we think, is ugly. Perhaps, in a commercial location, you might not want a strong downlight...but in a home or do.  So...we redesigned the internal lighting. We engineered a tubular LED bulb/frame for the top and a additive socket for the bottom to light up the bottom shade as well (see pix). Shadows gone. Both sockets have different task specific LED’s and they will be included.

Originally, Lightolier suggested the use of “up to” one 500 watt bulb which gave good ambient, but lousy down, light. Our two LEDs are only pulling about 40 LED watts (about 400 incandescent equivalent) and are lighting the fixture better than it has ever been. All UL approved. Charming!

This frame is, and was, made from a combo of metals. You have a structural cast black iron frame with nickel plated elements. Iron is painted black to nicely contrast with the Nickel.

This chandelier does show it’s age. There are odd living marks on the nickel struts...there is some worn iron paint...and like a good Persian just shows it’s age. If you are a true’s great...if you need it perfect...please don’t consider it.

While everyone in the biz throws the word “rare” at nearly everything...we refuse to do that. explain that this is a more un-common finding is not stretching the truth at all.

Measurements: 38 1/2" tall, with a width of 16". A full UL mounting kit will be supplied.

Price: $2,250.00 complete with 5 very fine condition opal side shades, an opal bottom shade, and LED bulbs. Price is plus normal packing and shipping.