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Art Deco Streamline Modern Sconce (26-BES-SM)
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Aluminum/Zinc Finish
Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Art Deco Streamline Modern Sconce (26-BES-SM)
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26-BES-SM  Streamline Art Deco Sconce (Aluminum/Zinc)

26-SM-OB  Streamline Art Deco Sconce (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

This is the smaller version of our popular 26-BES-SM LARGE Art Deco Sconce.

Our fantastic “Streamline sconce” is one of the more unique Art Deco entries we have made thus far.  Made from Aluminum and zinc materials, it is a cooperation of many separate operations.  We have castings and spinnings and a few sheet metal fabrication operations as well.  All come together to form this lovely sconce.  The original sample came to us from Chicago and that antique had seen some pretty rough times.  We are happy to preserve this design and recreate its uniqueness.

Overall height, end of finial to end of finial:  30".

Width:  12", which houses a 10" diameter acrylic shade.

Projects from the wall 14 1/2".

It is wired for two LED tubes (12 inch) for long life and less maintenance.  The LED tubes ARE included in the price of this light as we want to make sure you get the best quality that is out there.

Alternatively:  We could build it for twin tube fluorescent bulbs if you prefer or even a series of incandescent, but, we are hopeful that a near zero maintenance situation will appeal to you.

Mounting:  Because this light is a bit heavy, 36 lbs is average, a single electrical box is not going to hold it.  It was originally mounted with four lag bolts and we have continued this application.  We went one step further:  we added decorative caps for the lag bolts so that after the socket set is put away, you can screw on the decorative caps by hand.  We also recommend a bit of Locktite on the cap thread to help prevent tampering and/or theft.  Once applied, it all looks very nice as a finished installation.

Comes complete with LED tubes, acrylic shade and mounting lag bolts/caps.