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Arts & Crafts Hammered Solid Copper Entry Door Plate (ZC-17SP)
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Arts & Crafts Hammered Solid Copper Entry Door Plate (ZC-17SP)

ZC-17SP Craftsman Hammered Copper Pattern Door Backplate.

Each one a true masterpiece. Thick sheet copper is trimmed and hammered hundreds of blows to create just one Arts & Crafts solid copper door backplate. This one has a cylinder receiver for an entry door lock. 

This door plate goes on the outside of the door, and works with our 2 1/2" backset antique reproduction copper-face mortise lock . The cylinder lock provides top quality security.

To work the security bolt from the inside, order the matching vintage style turnlatch door plate . pictured here also are our popular reproduction Craftsman style oval copper doorknobs .We also make a round hammered copper doorknob .

Measurement from the center of the cylinder hole to the center of the doorknob spindle hole is 3 3/4".

Measures Overall 2 1/2" Wide by 8" High

The following interior plates go well with this item:




Choose one of the locks below for this door plate:



These are our most popular doorknobs for this door plate:



We manufacture Victorian brass door knobsFrench lever handles, Mission or craftsman copper door knobsArt Deco design door knobsArt Nouveau door hardware , and reproduce rare R&E door hardware and rare Windsor door hardware originally produced in the 1880's.
Where else will you find a variety of Victorian screen door hardware?

For every suite of doorknobs, we also sell the matching vintage door plates , and accompanying hardware such as antique door boltsVictorian mortise lockselectric doorbells and twist doorbells . Whether you're performing a restoration or adding some personality to new construction, Vintage Hardware has the complete antique door hardware solution.

To see more ouf our vintage reproduction door knobs, click here

Uncertain of what size lock cylinder you need for your entry door? The following table should help.

Door Thickness
Part no. / Cylinder Length
1 1/4"
1 1/2"
1 5/8"
1 3/4"
2 1/8"
2 1/4"
2 1/2"
3" to 3 1/2"

We also make a cylinder with a decorative turnlatch, L-7500 =  1", L-7525 = 1 1/4", L-7550 = 1 1/2", and L-7575 = 1 3/4".

If you have a double door, or would just like the extra bolt functionality on your single entry door, we suggest using the following popular door bolts:


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