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Heavy Duty Brass Hanger (M-19A)
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Polished Brass Finish
Antique Brass Finish
Nickel Finish
Heavy Duty Brass Hanger (M-19A)

M-19A  Polished Brass Heavy Duty Brass Hanger

M-DK19A  Antique Brass Finish Heavy Duty Brass Hanger

M-N19A  Nickel Plated Heavy Duty Brass Hanger

Best Cast Quality, Solid Brass picture, mirror, sign, or clock hanger.  Looking at the weak and low weight bearing options on the market, we decided to make one of the best hangers for the QUALITY market.  Not for everyone, or everything, but close.  This option gives the design and quality minded person a way to hang VERY special decor with a special finishing touch.  Whether it be a fantastic painting, or a heavy clock, this hanger has the strength and charm to make the discerning collector proud.  Available in three finishes:  unlacquered yellow brass, darkened "antique" finish, and nickel plated brass.  Use the drop down menu to select the finish.

The specs:  the solid brass plate is a full 2 mm thick (3/32").  The plate measures 105 mm across (4 1/8") the flat side, and stands 100 mm high (4").

It is held to the item to be mounted with four wood screws.  Obviously, we have supplied screws we thought would handle most applications, but we cannot predict every mount.  Since the wood screws will not be seen, you may choose to purchase shorter, longer, steel, or even machine screws (with nuts, for hollow items), from your local hardware store.

The rounded part of the plate is 25 mm in diameter (about 1 inch).  That is also the diameter of the finely lost wax cast mounting knob.  Therefore when mounted, a nice mounting knob graces the hole instead of an ugly screw or hook.  Very nice indeed!  The all-thread for the mounting knob is 10/24 thread with a length of 3".  The molly bolt flaps require approximately 13 mm (1/2") hole to be pushed through into the wall hollow.  If you have lath/plaster walls, that generous 3" of length will allow usage.

These are not sold as pairs, but each.  This is for folks that need only one to hang a clock or small cupboard, or even small pictures.  What you see in the picture is ONE set, and you get everything therein.



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