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Recreated Victorian Rod Hung Ceiling Bowl Kit (170-PB-330)
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Polished Brass
Antique Brass Finish
Nickel Finish
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Recreated Victorian Rod Hung Ceiling Bowl Kit (170-PB-330)
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170-PB-330  Polished Unlacquered Brass Victorian Rod Hung Ceiling Bowl Kit

171-DK-330  Antique Brass Finish Victorian Rod Hung Ceiling Bowl Kit

172-NI-330  Nickel Plated Victorian Rod Hung Ceiling Bowl Kit

Fantastic ceiling bowl hanging kit made of high quality brass, designed at your request for your antique ceiling bowl shades.  The kit, available in polished brass, antique brass finish, or nickel plated, gives you the opportunity to display those lovely late Victorian bowl shades in a glorious application.

This kit is available either with or without the pictured etched opal glass bowl shade.  Choose from the options menus above.

Suitable for old ceiling bowls that had a slight re-curve on the inside for a holding bracket to clamp onto - please see the pictures.

There is a swivel on each of our bowl-holding rods, since the re-curves on antique shades are NOT the same.  Each swivel allows you to adjust each arm slightly for the best angle of holding the shade.  Being new, the swivel should be worked a little before application to loosen the newness; but once loosened, a more perfect hold is achieved.  Another HINT to use these, is that in some cases the decorative trifoil tip might need to be bent up slightly with a padded pair of pliers or crescent wrench, for the rods to obtain the correct direction.  Since these trifoils are lost wax cast, they are a better quality material than brittle sand cast material, and they will bend slightly for adjustment.  This doesn't mean you can bend them back & forth many times, but a mild bend upward and outward will definitely be tolerated well.

It is always wise to adjust each arm to the bowl before final installation onto the ceiling.  Since each arm is loose and independent, maximum flexibility is available for this action.

Special drop lengths can be made.  There is a special order charge, with a slight time delay for customizing.

When discussing special orders, we must know:

  1.  the diameter of your shade;
  2.  the overall height of your shade;
  3.  the final overall height that is desired with your shade in place, from the ceiling to the deepest point on your shade.

Custom orders cannot be returned for refund.

Installation Tips:  We first recommend fitting each arm to the bowl, making sure that the ends can meet easily on the free end (toward ceiling canopy).  Once this is achieved, we recommend hanging the kit onto the ceiling first, allowing the rods to drop down.  Then with another person assisting, install the bowl.  One person holds the bowl while the 2nd person adjusts each holding swivel, without using the glass bowl as a "pry bar".  Set screws should only approach the glass within 116" to prevent a pinching effect which might crack antique glass.  Never use a shade when the edge of the glass is rough or has small cracks.  This would be equivalent to splitting firewood.  Work with care, consider the brittleness of old antique shades, and work cautiously.  Enjoy your fixture for generations to come!


The important measurement is overall length from the ceiling to the bottom of the shade.  We can't know how tall your shade is, though most vary from 4" to 7".

The effective length of the hanging kit alone is 17 ½".  If your shade is 4 ½" tall, for example, you will have an overall fixture height of 22".  This will vary slightly with the diameter of the shade.  The length of the actual kit is 18 ½", but 1 ½" goes on the outside of the shade.


Three sockets, UL Rated for over 100 watts incandescent.



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